“Thank you so much for your advice and patience. You helped me grow so much. Even when I was a pain, you still helped me. Event when I wanted to sleep, you pushed me (in a good way). You were the best therapist I ever had and I hope I see you again… Thank you so much for everything.”

“Thank you for helping [my girlfriend]. Thank you for inspiring the both of us.”

“It’s hard to put into words all that Laura has done for me. Laura helped me to improve myself and my life. She has opened my eyes to look at the world differently and provided me the tools that I needed to better handle my personal chalets. Laura is kind, understanding, unbiased, and always encourages me to make the choices that will positively impact my life. I am forever grateful and internally changed.”

“I could not get him out of my mind, a childhood friend of 50 years who hurt and abandoned me when I was in crisis. I thought about him all day, everyday, until my head hit the pillow. With Laura’s help, particularly with her emotional separation technique, my hurt lifted, and a feeling of calm washed over me. I could sleep again. I was able to go beyond the goal of neutrality, and now actually smile when I think of him.”

“You have helped [my 17-year-old daughter, my husband, and I] tremendously, and know you are part of [my daughter’s] entire healing process, and for her being a new person…we could never thank you enough.”

“Our experience with Laura Moss has been very positive. She has freely shared her broad base of knowledge to help our family navigate the difficult shoals of adolescence. Her ability to combine a wide array of eclectic interventions, including meditation, have uniquely qualified her to reach our daughter as no other therapist has.”

“When we went to Laura Moss, our son was at a real low point in his life. [He had] thought about suicides a few times before [seeing] her. We had him seeing a therapist prior to Laura, which [he] had been seeing for about seven years at the time. The therapist at that time, seemed to not be able to get through to our son anymore so that’s why we switched to bring him [to] Laura. [He had] been through two programs for depression/anxiety at the time–which helped for a while, but then [he] seemed to be back in a same bad place. [We] took him to see Laura, and because of it [he’s] been able to stay stable in his life. No feelings of wanting to commit suicide, [no] cutting himself, which [he] also used to do at times. Uses also spiritual techniques, which seems to help. Also, flexible with scheduling therapy sessions around our crazy schedules. Laura also works a lot with high focus, and this was the very last program we put our son in for depression/anxiety–which since this program [he] hasn’t had to be back in a program since.”

“I wanted to thank you for all you did for [my daughter]. She really turned into a different kid. She’s been working as a waitress for the past 7 months. She loves her job, and asked for more hours in the summer. She’s doing great in school. She’s been doing great ever since you stopped counseling. Me and her have been doing so much better. She still asks about you. She really liked you. She opened up to you pretty quick. She doesn’t want to see anyone else but you. Thank you, thank you, my husband and I can’t thank you enough for what you did for her.” (Follow up call from a mother one year later, after 8 weeks of therapy with her 16 year old daughter.)

“Ms. Moss I never saw [my 11 year old son] happy before. I want to thank you. He left your office smiling. He told me he felt so light after coming to see you. He is so different. He is happy. Thank you so very much!”

“I know you go out of your way and beyond what anyone in your profession would normally do for me.  I sincerely appreciate it.  Who you are has done at least as much for me as what you know.”

“[My nine year old daughter] is doing so much better. She doesn’t have any anxiety in school anymore. She hasn’t had any outbursts at home. Whatever your doing with her, it’s working!”

“I’ve seen eight therapists over the last eight years, and you’re the only one I’ve liked.” (25 year old male)

“When I saw your video I was amazed. My 10 year old daughter has anxiety. She was freaking out. When I showed her the first technique, it calmed her down some, then I tried the second one, and she calmed right down completely. I was amazed at how much progress could be made so quickly. I didn’t know if you were in my insurance network, but I told my husband, ‘I don’t want her seeing anyone but Laura.'”

“Laura has really helped me with my self esteem.” (15 year old boy)

“I will never be able to thank you enough for all you have done for me.  The best I can think of to do is make use of it.  It’s one thing to be able to get into the elevator.  That I already knew how to do, but just didn’t want to do it.  Now that I am in the elevator, for all of your efforts to really be worth while, I need to learn how to run it.”

“Laura accepts a challenge. She is a great support to the family. Laura gives us things to think about after sessions. She is phenomenal.”

“I’ve always been skeptical about therapy, but I truly believe that you are the right person for our family.”

“The way Laura relates to [my 12 year old son] is amazing.”

“You are the best therapist I’ve ever had. You give me real tools to work with.”

“I can see I’ve come a long way since starting to work with you. I’m much more respected at work than I was a year ago. My mood and self esteem have also improved a lot.”

“Thank you for all the things you do in my regard.  Your concern for my regard means a lot, and has gone a long way over the years in helping me get past where I was (and am).”

“I like you more and more each time we see you. You always focus on us so intensely.”

“I want to make sure you realize how much we appreciate your help. Our household is so much calmer. [my 16 year old daughter] and I haven’t fought in weeks. She is making A’s in school and her teachers say she is a pleasure. She was on the verge of getting kicked out of school. It’s truly amazing!”

“If therapy were my religion, Laura would be my guru.”

“My old therapist helped me a lot, but you are so much better. You give me these tools to help me at a body level.”

“Your video was amazing. I tried that thing with the hands and it calmed me right down. I was under a lot of stress yesterday, so I had to find that video again.”

“Thank you for letting me intrude on Thursday. You may have been the only one I could think to call, but you were the best person I could call, even if others were available.  And apparently others were.”

“I’ve seen a lot of therapists, but you are the best, because you give me these tools.”

“You are so caring and nice. That’s why I like to see you.” (8 year old girl)

“Please keep up the good work. Your accurate report and astute recommendation have contributed to giving my son a fresh start. Thank you.”

“Thanks for coming to our class and telling us about anger control and how to ignore when they are calling you names.” (11yr. old boy)

“Ms. Moss  is an innovative and self-motivated, independent, creative, highly intelligent clinician, with a special gift for leading children and adolescent’s groups. Any organization given the opportunity to benefit from her skills should jump on the chance.”

“Laura has been a delight to work with. She has shown perceptiveness in understanding the dynamics or emotional tone of the group from moment to moment, and clinical skill in utilizing those dynamics for best therapeutic effect.”

“We are both very impressed with your professionalism. Such a difference from the other therapists we saw.”

” I have known Laura Moss for many years and she is one of the best.  She goes beyond what anyone else might do and she really cares about people.  I would highly recommend Laura to anyone who needs therapy on any issue, but especially regarding family issues.  It has been an honor to have known and worked with her.” Signed: Jeff Reese, Harris County Sheriff’s Office, licensed Mental Health Peace Officer, designated Mental Health Specialist, TCLEOSE certified instructor, and nationally published author on Crisis Intervention, Religion and Mental Illness.